In the beginning, there was darkness and chaos, the light of the Verse had been gone before its conception. And it stayed like that till they arrive. As a Force of Order and Light, they use their powers to set everything back to its true form. These Beings define how the Verse would look like. They change the rules, and establish their own. They created a world for them to dwell upon. They created our world. They created Torren, a flower blooming in the middle of the dark, full of life and color, full of potential. And one day, they just left. The entities that define our world just vanish. And in their void, they appeared. Born out of the desire for divinity, they filled our gaps, our fear of the unknown.

But everything is about to end. And it’s up to us, a band of misfits, losers and loners to try and stop it. Too bad I am just not in the mood to truly do it. I’m just a slave of destiny, I am just a prisoner of divinity.

The Land of the Lost Gods